I like my schoolmate boy how to attract his attention plss help mee?


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Surefire ways to get his attention:

Start table dancing in the middle of class


Scream during a test

Walk up to him and pull up your shirt, or pants.  Either one will work, but it's more cliche to pull up your shirt

Moon through school

Make a lovely speech about him through the school's loudspeaker

Make an entrance into class (smoke machine, loud speakers, obnoxious, biker chick)

Being in his face constantly

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Van Sy answered

  1. Play hard to get. The worst thing you can do is to smother a guy or appear desperate. ...
  2. Be mysterious. ...
  3. Display intelligence and depth. ...
  4. Be fun, in ways that men think are fun. ...
  5. Take care of your appearance. ...
  6. Dress to kill. ...
  7. Flirt with body language.

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