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Though the message of the song doesn’t reflect my own beliefs, “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing” has long been my favorite Christmas song.

I remember as a child hearing it sung so powerfully by a huge choir that it brought tears to my eyes.

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We all know you're an ugly disgusting perverted devil worshiping Pig you should be ashamed of yourself for wanting to have sex with your cousins    COUSIN HUMPER is an ugly stupid devil worshiper

COUSIN HUMPER You don't have to tell us how ugly you are because everything you've … Read more

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People with peculiar obsessions such as your infatuation with your poor innocent cousins USUALLY think the object (or objects) of their obsession are indeed more attractive then their own self. Your observation and this question does not surprise me one bit. SEEK PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL HELP PLEASE!

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I'm not into wearing sweaters they make me overheated , hot, sweaty , I'm a T-shirt type of guy 24/7  all year around. I use to wear button down shirts but i got out that style . I may get back into the style with wearing a Polio type shirt but that's about it . … Read more

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Well, I oversaw the installation of some new tech in our community centre. I re-installed a litterbin in our playing field after vandals had kicked it over. I litterpicked the same playing field. I visited an outreach project where disaffected young people are encouraged to rejoin the real world. I received three 'phone calls from … Read more

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The evidence is pretty conclusive that our activities are adversely affecting the earth’s climate and environment. Any positive steps we as a species can take to reduce the output of Co2 and other greenhouse gases can be useful to the larger cause. There is too much at stake to do nothing.

That said, every study … Read more

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Wow, please do not be offended by what follows.

Climate change is real and damaging.  (Even the limited-perspicacity Trump admits that.)

It is fixable. Will take time (although it has to start REALLY soon).

To Darren Wombat...

God has no role in this for several reasons.

1) He allows us "free will" (so we are apparently allowed to kill ourselves … Read more