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Many years ago, on a TV programme called "Jim'll fix it", a young girl was introduced as "Blue". It later transpired that she had sisters called "Sky" and "Day". Her parents had given life to a "Sky Blue Day".

Sadly, it later transpired that the host of the programme, Jimmy Savile, was a serial, unreconstructed paedophile.  … Read more

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"Going Postal" by Terry Pratchett. Every time I read it I find something I missed the last time (and its a brilliant story too. Crime, love interest, revenge, rehabilitation, witty and amusing). The best story written by anyone anywhere in the past 20 years. Alas Terry Pratchett is now dead and his brand of humour … Read more

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All the long-term successful countries (and their citizens) got to be that way because of democracy and capitalism.

China is increasingly successful without the first of those  (but I suspect it will arrive in my lifetime).

It's quite odd that the two great bastions of democracy, the US and the UK both seem to be heading towards … Read more

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No example of communism yet enacted has worked to advance the cause or benefit of its citizens. All known attempts have given rise to systemic social oppression, to include prohibitions on private land ownership, the sequestration of legal rights and access, class immobility, ethnic cleansing, strict media censorship, DESPOTISM and, commonly, economic failure.

In its basic … Read more