Christian Leckey

Why do animals like me so much? I don't mind it as I love animals but I find it amusing how they'll go up to me and evade me family if newly introduced.


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Animals can sense those that like them. They read body language well.

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Animals are often drawn to calm energy.  They are accutely sensitive to energy .. And you just may have something they feel comfortable with .. Either that, or you smell like a steak sandwhich.

I have experienced the same thing .. and remarkably I have had a few  stray dogs end up at my door or in my yard looking  for refuge. It's happened a few times .. always kind of made me wonder why they would choose my yard...especially after a night of community fireworks. 

That's why it is so important for all dogs to have a name tag and a home phone number .. just in case.

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Depending on the animal, maybe things like pheromones/smell. Animals such as dogs can sense all kinds of things like how aggressive you are or how you're like just by smell. But if it's an animal with a lessened smelling ability like a bird then I don't know

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Michael Poland answered

Understand if you show fear to lets say a dog,

they will bite you. The only Being on earth that

communicates vocally are humans, all others use

telepathy. Humans use to use telepathy but through

so many life times they forgot how.

They can hear you just fine. Your kind to

all. A defined none threat. The number of people like

you is increasing all of the time. This is a great thing.

Even though it may not look like it we are all coming together.

We can learn a lot from nature and each other. Thank You for being.

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Animals can recognise when you like them.  Animals avoid me at all costs, and mostly, the feeling's mutual.  I think they know that I'm uncomfortable around them, which is good for me.

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