Is anyone curious about what's going to happen after death? I mean how can you live knowing once you die, that's the end. If religion is real why is there nothing mentioned about dinosaurs?


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The only thing I worry about me dying is who is going to take care of my dog. Once I'm gone, I'm gone. That's the end of it.

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Every person with the capacity to consider death will do so at some point. It is inevitable, but no one can provide authoritative comment on what the experience is like. The great mystery.

Living as though nothing follows this life should compel each of us to cherish every healthy breath we take, to persistently seek value in what little time we have. Make our world better. Anything less is wasting life.

Religion cheapens life, teaches people to be ashamed of their bodies, their thoughts and their species, to bow before invisible characters, and to wish for the end of the world. Religions are real, but thankfully, the cure is merely a whiff of reason. 

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