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I think kids are better off having their Mom at home and Dad working and being the bread winner . Growing up my parents were old fashion my Mom stayed at home and Dad worked. But my Dad would never come straight home he would go to the bars after work . My Mom unfortunately … Read more

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I am in, especially for the gardening and reach as high as you can. I just came in from gardening. And part of that was trimming back my put of control wisteria. I had to jump up to grab some of the vines. 😁

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Knowing that they usually do that I preface what I'm going to say with... " This might be a long story and I need time to give you all the info. "

~ something like that ~

Omgoodness people like that annoy the H out of me.

Heard a saying...God gave us one mouth and two ears for … Read more

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If the conversation is worth having, then I’d preface my talk with, “Are you done? ....then shut (tf) up.”

Their astonishment usually provides a window of silence to speak.

If the discussion wasn’t all that important anyway, I’d abandon it.