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I had an unexplainable incident happen before. I was trying to get in the house but the door was stuck. I heard the door handle jiggling trying to open for me so I told my mom to pull really hard cuz the door was sticking lately. When she didn't respond I called out to her … Read more

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I have some stories to tell, but like the Z, I prefer to consider them "unexplained", rather than paranormal. I also remember the phrase "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Not quite the same thing, but indicates the limits of our ability to explain things.

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I have been on probably hundreds of flights. (For the record, I no longer enjoy the degrading airline experience)

No, it’s much different because of the eerie darkness of space above you. It depends if you are headed toward or away from the sunset. The reflected colors of the clouds below are somewhat less vivid than … Read more