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I haven't even thought about Christmas 2018. There is too much stuff to look forward to before I worry about that. For instance, my husband and I are leaving a a short camping trip in a little over a week. We are also planning a month long trip in June. Starting in June with a … Read more

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Because they pick and choose what Bible verses to believe .. And the Old Testament in Leviticus says that homosexuality is a sin deserving death. 

Of course, it also says not to eat certain things or wear clothing made of multiple materials ... Which they conveniently ignore.

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You appear to be blessedly out of the loop in this whole Leviticus travesty. Kudos to you. Carry on.

Keep in mind people can and do believe anything, give passionate folks some words from the Book and they’re off to the Crusades.

More importantly: What do YOU think about LGBT’s?

Are they wrong?