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My first thought is sweet. He will/does love you "older" and no matter what. 😊

My second thought is fun. He is having fun with you. Kind of like a silly teenage boy again. Maybe he is wanting to be playful. 😆

My third thought is sentimental. He is wanting to be "twinsies" with you. Awe!!! 😄

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The co-writer of Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”, and the author of his recent biography “The Truth about Trump”, concurred in a recent article that Trump’s vanity is as fragile as it is enormous. He has famously thin skin; his raging tantrums are becoming legend in the WH as Trump simply has a … Read more

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I had just turned 18.  I drove part of the route the motorcade was to take about a half hour before the route was closed to regular traffic.  It was the most direct way to get to the interstate 35 North.

Due to the one-way streets in downtown Dallas, one had to make a left in … Read more