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Being one who endeavors to write his own essays (I am old school like that) I find it sad and laughable that this kind of site even exists*. (And that it is promoted by semi-literate Indians) As if we couldn’t cut and paste from Wikipedia, too. Lol

*-We used to call that practice, “plagiarism”. Ah, personal … Read more

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Probably a lot like the dummies that call on the phone and say : My name is David, I'm your computer tech.  All nice while they think they're bsing you but soon drop that act when you start asking questions. Indians mostly.

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No way we could effectively speak for what all members of a group think, and it would be foolish to try. But in speaking about that group, it is quite clear that profound misunderstandings of autism and of immunizations exist in staggering array.

Given the unparalleled historical track record of the success of vaccines, there … Read more

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The deep sorrow (grief) that is caused by the loss of one's father frequently takes a long time to heal.

But "grieving" is a process that we humans use to deal with the grief we are feeling, and that grieving process can help the pain to lessen over time.

There are five widely recognized … Read more