Why can't one join Blurtit through Facebook? Well, it's been reported to Better Business Bureau for misleading advertising ?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I was under the assumption that the ONLY way to sign up for Blurtit was through Facebook.

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Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
No. I signed up directly, using email and password. In the recent past you could also use Twitter. Before that (in the "good old days") you could just create an account with a name and password.
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
I signed up directly also but I thought they recently made it so you could only sign up through Facebook. That was to deter spammers.
Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
That may be now it now is. When they allowed access via Facebook initially we suddenly got many questions from "anonymous" that were never followed up by the askers. That is when (I and others believe) that blurtit went from being huge and successful to small and unimportant - the reverse of what was hoped and intended.

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