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I need time to open up to people and people judge really quickly so this is why it's hard to make friends. But when I finally do open up I'm a really likeable person but nobody really gives me the time to, any advice?


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Don't change for anyone. You are you and that means you are special cuz there is not another you out there. No one really wants "cookie cutter" friends. You are an original! ☺

That being said what is it that makes you open up slowly to people? Is it a trust issue thing or a shy thing?

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Yin And Yang
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You actually might grow out of that a little. Hang in there. You are a very likeable personality and we all love you here! Practice with us, your blurtit friends! It might help in other social situations. ☺
Danae Hitch
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I agree with Yin. It takes me a while to trust, so I warm up very slowly to people. However, I do count that as a plus since it allows me to see the other side of people and to take my time to get to know them.

If they see something in me that makes them want to hang out with me and such and they are willing to allow me my time to get to know them, then we're good to go. I don't choose friends like I would an accessory to clothing. I choose friends to enrich my life and theirs.
Yin And Yang
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Yes perfect answer for the trust one Danae!! ☺
Love it! Very heartfelt! 😊

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