Architecture or Software Engineer? I enjoy the latter, but I'm way more passionate about the former. However, a degree in the tech field is more stable and pays better.


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How passionate are you? To the point where you're willing to go homeless or make extreme sacrifice to achieve it? If yes then you're passionate. If no, at least you enjoy the latter.

It's sort of like the person pursuing an acting or film directing career. A person who enjoys painting or doing ballet. There's people grinding it, chasing after those dreams living in tiny cubicles in Manhattan and San Francisco every single day. Until their work gets featured in an art gallery or film festival or they get cast in a big production. They struggle but they persist the whole entire way. That's real passion.

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Ah, an architect engineering degree, however, is much more reliable than pursuing acting or art. While tech is indeed more stable and pays better, I don't think that the asker would be at a high risk of being unsuccessful and becoming homeless.
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Happiness is more related to what the person spends time doing and having fulfillment than money, much so. When it comes to careers that offer enough money to live without too many hardships, you need to seek something you enjoy doing and are passionate about more so than what pays more. I know people that went into a career they hated because they thought it would pay good, and they become rich yet miserable. Seeing as you enjoy both, picking the latter wouldn't be as extreme, or even a bad choice necessarily, but I'm just stating the clause. When there is an effect at something on a large scale, it will produce a same, yet proportionate response when the same circumstances are present at a smaller scale, so the argument of enjoyment vs pay still applies, just it is not as pressing being that you don't dislike either.

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Flowers and Cakes
I have less than 2 years to go before I complete my undergrad in Computer Science. And I'm just starting to realize that maybe I should have been brave and chosen the career (architecture) that may or may not pay off. But I feel it's too late now. If I felt this way even just two years ago, I might have made a different choice.

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