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I find microwaves interesting because they run by electromagnetic radiation, and because of this can actually interfere with other electronic appliances. Used to be a somewhat common problem in regards to wifi or bluetooth because due to regulations, they had to be using the same public broadband. (Now appliances actually do frequency-hopping, which means that … Read more

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Prescription or over the counter? For over the counter medications, many drugstores have online stores just like other retail, so you can order there. I don't know why you would, though, because if you're sick wouldn't you need to get the medicine then instead of waiting a week when it's likely the problem would already … Read more

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First thing I recommend for when someone drops their phone in water is to leave it in a bag of dry rice overnight, perhaps even into the next day. If that doesn't work, then it means that there was some damage to the hardware itself.

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Good question! It is such question that really brings into light the notions of "domestication" or the concept of humans as an apex predator in general.

Domestication, like many things, has a lot of gray area rather than something that is set in stone. It is better to approach this from an angle of identifying … Read more

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It makes me mad. We've had people who were willing to take on moderator responsibilities without even being paid--Just so that they can have some spam management here at all. I wish the owner would just give away the site since they've clearly abandoned it.
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Not necessarily. Many people without schizophrenia also do this, though you can't say that schizophrenia won't affect it. If this tendency causes you trouble, I recommend talking to a therapist or councilor about it.

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There's a chance.

But it likely isn't anything to be too concerned about ... We inhale lots of particles (dust, pollen, pollutants) every day.

If you're still concerned about it, you could go to your doctor and have an x-ray done of your lungs.