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I'm starting to lose weight but what motivates me to doing it. Is by thinking of a reason of what gives me doubt and it makes it easier of avoiding sugar and eating healthy but if I do eat sugar or something sweet I lose that motivation it feels like it's in my stomach and it feels like a dark doubt. But I of course love it since it's helping me lose weight easier but can you tell me what that is and called. Also, is there any side effects if I continue to lose weight with it?

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You are negatively programming yourself to not eat sugar rather than positively encouraging yourself to be healthier in your food choices,  the messages you give yourself affect your mood and your body.  Losing weight doesn't mean depriving yourself of little amounts of what you enjoy, it means maintaining a balance.  If you treat yourself in this way you are in essense bullying yourself and no one likes to be bullied. I guess your are feeling this doom and gloom programming in your gut.

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