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My daughter has a bearded dragon that swears he is a little of everything BUT a lizard. He walks with a leash like a dog. He perches on her shoulder like a bird. He snuggles under her neck like a cat. He sleeps in her cleavage like an... I don't know he lost me there, … Read more

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We have evolved from a social pack (group) oriented animal to the civil society we are now . . . For the most part.

We do maintain much of inherited instincts although they are much more subconscious in our everyday life. The animal instinct toward survival is still very much alive in us . . … Read more

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Good question! It is such question that really brings into light the notions of "domestication" or the concept of humans as an apex predator in general.

Domestication, like many things, has a lot of gray area rather than something that is set in stone. It is better to approach this from an angle of identifying … Read more