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Why do you want to?

Do you believe the child is endangered by the visit?  If that is the case, you should talk to your wife.  If she doesn't listen to your concerns, you have bigger problems.  And you will need to get a court order to prevent the visit.

If it's just because you don't like … Read more

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Toughy, I'd say groceries because I spend more on them a week.....however, gas prices can often go through the roof, and we've still got a few years before they make all cars then I'd have to say electric because I should imagine that's going to cost a fortune but … Read more

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Of course there's bad side effects you could possibly go blind or grow hair on your Palms.... The worst side effect of them all your mother can walk in and catch you in the act of pleasuring yourself how embarrassing would that be????

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Believe me, they think more about themselves than anyone else, after 5 minutes the topic of "you being away" will be old news, go back and get it over with.

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SHHHHH!!!!  😱  You'll get your account deleted!! 

The content they plagiarize is precious.  The links are to be preserved, regardless of malware dangers.  Spammers are the honored guests. 

Members who answer without personal gain are watched closely, lest they disturb the spammers.

You may be tempted to report spam.  DON'T FALL FOR IT!!  Reported spam is … Read more