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When I go to school they blocked YouTube in computers is there any secret way to go around it. Even websites to play games?

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Well, they block these sites to ensure that students do not
misuse this benefit. They want you to use the Web to study. There is no way to
go around this. Just study when you are at school and play games in your free
time at home. That is the appropriate thing to do.

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Awe Zack...

They block those sites so you can’t go there. You are in school to learn useful stuff hopefully. There is plenty of time for you to play after school hours.  Get your education.

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Well, they probably blocked sites for protecting you. YouTube and game sites use a weird algorythm for giving you inappropriate vids tagged as kids/teens videos or games. It's a phenomenon called Elsagate. Some people even report them on Reddit. It's serious.

Also, at school you should learn things, not play computer games.

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No there is not a way around. YouTube was one of the first sites used for cyber bullying. Most schools block it for that reason alone. As for computer games, if any are allowed they would have to have an educational factor to them.

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You go to school to do that? What do you do at home?

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Same thing. But when I'm done with my work the teacher gives me free time in the computer, but there's nothing to do in the computer that's why

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