I’m a teenager and since I was a young girl I’ve been aroused by videos of childbirth. Is this normal and does anyone else experience this?


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Ummmm... No, there is nothing sexy about a woman screaming "I'm gonna chop his d*ck off" at the top of her lungs while writhing in pain! There is nothing sexy about a piece of flesh being stretched so far... It rips by itself without the help of a scalpel! There is DEFINITLY nothing sexy about all the blood, liquid, guts and white cheesy chunky looking things squirting out of a va-jaja!

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Drummer Girl
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I don’t find anything sexy about it either. I don’t find the video itself sexual, but thinking about it arouses me. Especially when I think of a male in the situation and how they support the woman.
Yin And Yang
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So your aroused by say.... a marine opening a door for a lady?
Drummer Girl
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No but everyone has their fetishes
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Ha!!! The joke's on you because I can guarantee you'll change your mind after your first experience with childbirth.

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