This riddle is too long so please read below?


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Useless for one,
but absolute bliss to two.
The small boy gets it for Free
The young man has to lie or work for it.
The old man has to buy it.
It's a baby's right,
The lover's privilege,
The hypocrite's mask.
To the young girl, faith;
To the married woman, hope;
What am I?

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Love and kisses?

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Good and difficult riddle. In principle, the answer is a smile is quite suitable here, I could ask this question to expert writers. They are guessing this, but now I am sitting on the phone and there is no way to go to study daddy and ask them if this is the right answer. These riddles are like these. If you do not answer later, I will indicate the answer.

Here is a riddle!

Who walks in the morning on 4 legs, in the afternoon on 2 legs, and in the evening on 3 legs ??? Riddle! What or who is it?

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This riddle refers to humans and their lives.

Morning is referring to when the human was a baby. Where it crawls using four limbs.
Afternoon is the older ages from two years old to 80 where the human walks on two feet,

Evening is 80 years old and onward. The human in question needs a walking stick. Thus the human has 3 legs.
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The answer is a kiss not the spam you're trying to spew here!! So aren't you take your study daddy and shove it up your butt.

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