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Hey guys ! I'm a big Aretha Franklin fan and I was wondering what is your favorite song from the Queen of Soul ? In my opinion, "A natural woman" remains one of her biggest hit.


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Hi Daniel...that's a great choice. I agree.

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Anything sung by her.

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I was not a huge fan of Aretha Franklin until I discovered
her songs on https://www.play-up.co.uk/ . There is a playlist dedicated to Soul music on the site and one day, while
going through it, I came across her tracks titled “Think” and “Respect”. I fell
in love with her since then. So I guess these are my favourite songs by her.

I am really looking forward to watch the movie “Amazing
Grace” which is about her life. Since you love the singer, you will surely
enjoy the following article on the biopic: https://www.philly.com/entertainment/music/aretha-franklin-amazing-grace-documentary-review-20190411.html . Let me know what you think of the film if you watch it!

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