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I am in for it all, except the roadtrip today. While I am almost always up for a roadtrip, will not do it on a holiday weekend. Places just get too crowded to enjoy them.

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I’m in for most of these..... Especially Brother’s  Day! Mine is coming to visit tomorrow.

Wyoming such a beautiful place.. The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Jenny’s Lake, best Ruben ever in Jackson Hole Route 66 restaurant.  Devils Tower National Monument.

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I'm in for most of it.

I've been on a road trip to Wyoming. I had relatives in Wheatland. I enjoyed it there.

Never had Escargot. I would like to try it sometime just to say I did.

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I like all of it ... Especially Brother's Day.  I love my memories of growing up with my brother.

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Well, I never eat while driving. Some of you might call me crazy but I do not do anything that might distract my attention from the road. This is something I seem to be doing unconsciously. I am also very finicky. I guess I would be afraid of crumbs or anything else falling in … Read more