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Yay Darren’s back!!!! 😁😁😁 sry that you’re not feeling very well πŸ˜“

Janis Haskell

βœ”πŸ’– spinach-pan fried in butter

βœ– nougat- where is the tree

βœ”πŸ’– heard higher fat keto is good for epilepsy

βœ”πŸ’– love purple

βœ”πŸ’– keto is great for diabetes. As long as it is done with the support of a keto-friendly Doctor.  My sugars were never high- keto has brought them down slightly...well in the normal range still . … Read more

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Well, that depends. There are times when I need a break from work; I want to be pampered and relax for a weekend. So, I would opt for the five-star hotel since I would not have to prepare meals and would be able to just enjoy. I do like some outdoor adventure from time to … Read more