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What arguments are focused on a particular object that exists around us but that many of don't usually think much about? How does this object relate to or emphasize something important about a particular culture? Why is this object important?


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People get in arguments about political differences and it makes no sense to me rather get into arguments i just remain neutral and i give a deaf ear to people when they start a argument or disagreement . Why is this object important is cause we all worry whose going to get voted into office and will they raise taxes , will they cut healthcare , will they cut social security, will we go to war and lose millions of military Women / Men yes this is touchy subject but i do not get involved but i am worried what Year 2020 will bring us this is serious matter for the American people ?

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Very simple people are yet to understand each one has an opinion and is entitled to their say. Nobody needs to subscribe to anybody's conviction but, people love to impose on others, saying their way is right way even though they are totally lost?

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Arguments that challenge the way mankind has mismanaged the single most important object around us all, yet most still take for granted:

The earth.

Without it, there is no culture, only extinction. It’s already happening. Nothing is more important.

Yet we as a species can’t acknowledge the fact, or would rather bicker about politics or hide behind beliefs - all of which brought this about. The cause of our own destruction.

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