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Are refurbished phones ok to buy? Or is it a risk?


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PJ Stein answered

I know people who have bought them and had no problems. And I looked at them recently while shopping for new phones. I decided against them because the warranty only lasted 90 days. Seeing as the phone had a previous problem, I didn't feel comfortable spending the money on something that wasn't going to be protected for more than a few months.

Since my husband and I both needed new phones I found a deal where I could buy one phone and get a second phone for free. I got a top of the line phone and my husband got a mid grade one. It works for us because my husband uses his phone for primary talking and texting. I use more apps and take more pictures. 

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I have bought Refurbish phones and if you decide to purchase one make sure you get a 90 day warranty ..Do not do anything without a warranty . Also the buyer whose selling them .. Make sure they have high Stars .

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They come with guarantee, don't they?

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