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Ever since my father passed away my mom sleeps on the sofa is that normal cause she misses my father?


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hold hands with her and tell her I'm sorry for ur loss of ur father, husband

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When it comes to mourning, it’s difficult to say what is normal. There is coping. This is how your mom is coping with the loss at this stage.

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Yes this is normal when my Mom and Father weren't getting along and they separated, she gave me her big bedroom and bed, she took the couch to sleep on after they divorced June 1994, it was only 9 years later she passed Nov 10, 2003, then in 1994 my Father remarried a Woman whose 15 years younger then himself, She is age 64 and my Father is age 79. But these things happen in life..What I would like to ask my Father, he made $900.00 a week in Clairton Pa Steel Mill as a Lever Man operating the Dolly and that was many years and he never chose to give us a better house to live in at least get a 3 Bedroom house but the house now is owned by someone who purchased it at Sheriffs Sale I never owned a house but it was in my late Mom's name but to me now it looks like the house should be torn down.

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A friend of mine passed away a few years ago. His wife slept on the sofa for about a year and half afterwards. Many couples have their deepest connections while laying in bed. I  am not talking just sex, but conversations as well. Plus listening to your other half snore or just rolling over and touching their shoulder. A bed can become very lonely after you have lost your spouse.

As for my friend's wife, when she was ready, she went out and bought a new bed, and redecorated the room. Sort of reclaiming the space as hers alone.

Your mom is missing more than the other parent of her child, or children if you have siblings.  She has lost her life partner. And her sleeping companion. It will take time, but she will find her way,  in her own time to move back to her bedroom.

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