How To Buy Shipping Crates?


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You can either order shipping crates online or get wooden crates custom made. Wooden crates must be specially designed for size, weight, shape, sensitivity, fragility and destination of the item that is to be shipped. The items included are floater bases and foam lining or supports, for shock and vibration protection. For the purpose of reuse and loading, sociality hardware, blocking and ramps will be also included. Let them be simple. Over design means more wood, hardware and labor then you need and definitely more cost. On the other hand under designing can lead to damaged equipment and other expenses. Wooden crates are heat treated for export purposes.

Majority of crates are 601A design and are suitable for most purposes as they are light duty crates. They make top loading and front loading easy. Some websites that you can visit to get more information about wooden shipping crates, custom make shipping crates or to buy them are:,,,, etc.

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