How Does A System Determine Shipping Point In Sd?

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Your question is related to SAP logistics, specifically to SAP applications to automate services used by some businesses for shipping, tracking, cost control and other related needs. SAP logistics is a software application used to assist in the automation of supply chain operations with regard to logistics. For example the programming with this software can be such that, I can determine, the time, cost, route and other information for a shipment from warehouse A to warehouse B. I can do this automatically, in a very short time, just by filling in the pertinent information into software templates. The process includes transportation, purchasing, warehousing and others. This is technology which allows efficiency in moving products and transferring services from one location to another on time and with the lowest possible cost.

If you go to the link below you can take part in a really great question and answer forum and I guarantee you will learn a lot about SAP applications in SD and a lot more interesting facts. This is one of my favorite sites for technical answers I need to help with my personal computer problems.  

Link to ITtoolboxWiki

When you arrive at this website, at the top you will see a blue frame with a yellow search bar. Enter: How to determine route automatically? Be certain the other yellow space has, Search Wiki, in it and then click go. A new page will appear with a discussion of your question. You can sign up, ask more questions and respond the answer the techs gave to your question. At the top of this page look for Parent Topics: SAP Logistics, Sap-log-sd, both typed in blue letters. Click on these and read more information related to your question.

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