Can I Buy A Trabant In Canada And How Much Will It Cost?


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It is possible to purchase a Trabant in Canada, although it is good to know that it may not be as cheap as one might think. Used Trabants sold by a very small handful of dealers in Canada are imported from Europe in individual containers, must go through Canadian customs and undergo thorough inspections at the dealership to ensure that they are still functional and can be used on Canadian roads.

According to one dealership located in Toronto, the starting price for a Trabant is C$5900. Despite this relatively high price, maintaining a Trabant can be very inexpensive. One can drive up to 400km on about $17 worth of petrol, making the car fuel efficient, and the simple nature of the vehicle makes repairing it at home something most lay people can perform. Additionally, it is still possible to obtain spare parts from Eastern European countries. Finally, since the car is not made from metal, but a special form of plastic and fiber (duraplast), the Trabant will not rust, not even in wet and cold Canadian winters.
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"the Trabant will not rust"

True statement in the same sense that cardboard will not rust.

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