How Do You Report Sales Of Alcohol To Under Age Kids?


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Simply report it to your local constabulary or use the Police website.

Selling of alcohol to kids below the age of 18 is considered to be a serious offence all over the world. The people who engage in this crime are severely punished by the law. Bars and pubs have become quite strict about serving alcohol to under age kids. The alcohol server or the bartender has the right to ask for a person's identification in case the bartender thinks that the person is under age. In order to report sales of alcohol to under age kids, the police have been performing sting operations. They send a few youths to a liquor shop and see if the shop owner gives them alcohol without checking their identification. The police catch the shop owner red handed and is arrested. As selling alcohol to kids is an offence, you cannot have the actual figures of selling alcohol to children. Though, by a police report and their sting operations, it was reported that forty per cent of liquor sellers were selling alcohol to kids between the ages of 16 and 17.

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