How Many Cartons Of Cigarettes Are In Case?


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This is a question that’s commonly asked in the airport, especially in Britain where duty-free counters allow travellers to circumvent VAT that would normally be levied onto purchases. The amount of cigarette cartons in a case will invariably depend on the brand you’re buying. After all, even though some cases will have more cartons than others for you to enjoy, each individual box could have fewer cigarettes than other competitors on the market.

On average, a UK airport will sell cases of cigarettes with 200 individual fags for you to enjoy. This is divided into 10 cartons, each with 20 cigarettes securely packed inside. Many smokers like to know how many fags they are buying so they can space out their cigarettes over the duration of a holiday, or purchase more in advance to prevent being left without. Considering the discount prices you can enjoy, it makes sense to stock up while you’re travelling, and also buying some cigs for your beloved friends who will be looking for a gift from your holiday destination. Although fags may not be entirely imaginative, at least you’ll know they can be practical!

Now: It’s also important to stress the health dangers of excessive smoking, especially as they can cause respiratory problems such as emphysema in the lungs if the body is subject to continual exposure to tar. You should smoke in moderation and give up if you have the willpower. Not only can it enhance your senses of taste and smell, but it can improve your teeth and give you back quality of life that you won’t find when an addiction taking over your life.
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Canadian Cigarettes come in cases of 50 cartons of ten packages of 20 smokes.

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