Why Are Random People Following Me?


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Ellie Hoe answered
Random people can follow you on Twitter and they can help you to become more social and to meet new people. Th primary intention of this feature is to enhance the contact list and get more networking. If you are new to Twitter then I must tell you that you can follow people and people can also follow you on Twitter. When people follow you on Twitter then their Tweets are posted to your home page of Twitter. In my view it is one of the major appealing features of Twitter which broadens your network.
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These random people following you are actually accounts owned by twitter itself. They are trying to make people feel like their thoughts are being read in order to increase twitter traffic and make people who would have stopped using twitter continue to use it. This subsequently makes their site worth more to advertisers. It's all a scam by twitter and its ridiculous.
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Maybe people like to see you have a lot of followers.

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Well weird people have this how should I say like a map they can tell where a weird person is and I think it is because they want to hang out with you because they can tell that you are very random so that is why they are following you.

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