Why some people are so arrogant here that if someone follows them they don't follow back?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

It's really not about following and being followed back. It's about the friendliness we all show when we ask or answer questions. I don't really see any arrogance. Just some people follow a lot of people and some prefer not too. I see lot's of that on other sites. I follow people who ask and answer things and are polite in doing so. This isn't Facebook or something where you have to have all these followers. Actually, following less makes it easier to keep track of people you like. Make sense?

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Ray Dart answered

If you look at my profile, you'll see I have a lot of followers, most are no longer here. I only follow people after we have had a degree of interaction and they (like me) have become "a bit of a fixture". It's not arrogance, or rudeness, just common sense.

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Zoey Lynn , Miss-know-it-all, answered

The thing is that..  That is not the only choice they have to make. You can not force anyone to do anything. Well, you can not stop those who followed you anyway. Don't get upset about this.

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Taylor Brookes answered

I'm sorry but how exactly is that arrogant? Where is the rule that says you have to follow someone just because they're following you?

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Asma Jamil
Asma Jamil commented
Well this is arrogance, if someone follows you or texts you but you don't follow them back or don't answer them means you ignore them. If someone is nice to you and you don't reply them the same way it shows arrogance.
Taylor Brookes
Taylor Brookes commented
Hardly. If someone follows me, it means that they like my questions and/or answers. And I would follow someone for the same reason. I have a few of those spammy-type accounts following me where they have no questions or answers or anything. I wouldn't follow an account like that, so why should I have to?
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People are like that. I follow anyone who is nice and follows me back. I even am up to chatting if they like. I am cool guy here and really sorry for the arrogant people Got to know some of them have another account that they ask questions only from and they won't follow you,,

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