YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook answered Joyce Hall's question

My first thought is sweet. He will/does love you "older" and no matter what. 😊

My second thought is fun. He is having fun with you. Kind of like a silly teenage boy again. Maybe he is wanting to be playful. 😆

My third thought is sentimental. He is wanting to be "twinsies" with you. Awe!!! 😄

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Pooja Vi
Pooja Vi answered Vandana Singh's question

Recently i did shopping from Ajio and Myvishal. I felt both are good quality and cost wise. I actually shopped for my father so the collection i got in 4 days from my Vishal with expected quality same this for Ajio. If you want me to suggest you something then i would say these both … Read more

Mickey Po
Mickey Po answered Vanesa Belle's question

I'm vegan, but I don't buy extra vegan beauty products. Some things you can do are:

For tanning, drink carrot juice beforehand.

For moisturizer use extra virgin coconut oil. It can be put all over your body and can give you a bit of a glow. However, don't apply oils right before going in the sun.

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