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Hi there! Natural flowers are definitely better looking as their fake counterparts. Also note that many of them smell amazingly nice and when displayed as a bouquet, they will give a pleasant scent to the room. Fresh flowers can also last long enough if they are properly cared for. I personally have no plastic decorations … Read more

Darik Majoren
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Get an MBA in at a college that offers a Co-op program comparable to Northeastern university. You will get both experience and your degree, and most likely a job offer for when you graduate.

I recommend you work for someone else for 2-5 years before opening your own business as well.

Wesley Crusher
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Neither. People who are getting MBAs are already accomplished in their career. Any legitimate MBA program requires real world experience and references. A CPA is what you get if you want to be a top level accountant. That's it.

Entrepreneurship doesn't require a degree. A degree in whatever you like which you can use to … Read more

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My girlfriend has a CPA and worked for Ernest and Young for 4 years, hardly the boss of society. More like 60-80 hour work weeks for a mere 80k or so. At some point it goes up to 120 hours. Slavery I'd call it! And it's not exciting work either from what I gather.

Darik Majoren
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My very first job was as a "Painter" working with my best friend in his family's business . . . That didn't last too long though.

I was then a Dishwasher/Busboy for a few years. I absolutely LOVED it . . . There is nothing like your first real independent thing where you earn your own … Read more