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Questions often asked in an interview are,

  • Why should i hire you?
  • Why do you want to work with our company?
  • How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
  • Describe your ideal company, location and job?
  • If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?
  • How much salary do you expect?
  • On a scale of one to … Read more
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We can expose as,

I find myself best about this company as its a good beginning to work with this MNC company. It gives good experience if I work with this company as the employees have good skills, so that I can improve my skills here.

Likewise, You can project any type of question in an interview. … Read more

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A structured job interview is a standardized way of comparing job candidates. The employer creates interview questions focused on the skills and abilities the company is seeking. Each interviewee is asked the exact same questions, in the exact same order. The employer also creates a standardized scale for evaluating candidates. Every interviewee is ranked on … Read more

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Here I collected some legal interview questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. What is your major achievement?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. What are your weaknesses?
  5. How would you approach this job?
  6. How do you get things done?
  7. How would you decide on your objectives?
  8. How do you manage your day?
  9. What motivates you?
  10. How do you cope without motivation?
  11. What contribution do … Read more
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Here some interview questions on Finance.

  1. What is working capital?
  2. How do we calculate income tax?
  3. Do you think operating profit can be more than the gross profit?
  4. Can you describe how Private Banking works?
  5. Can you differentiate between current assets & fixed assets?
  6. What is the difference between revenue and profit?
  7. Do you invest in stock markets?
  8. For a big MNC, What … Read more
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Self Introduction mainly about your skills, personal traits, technical skills, academic projects, co-curricular activities, studies, if u worked before about the experiences, family background, hobbies, strengths, weakness.

For any HR interview what all you need is;

  • Confidence
  • Body language
  • Managing skills
  • proper dressing
  • A little smile
  • Good communication skills

For cracking any interview or any job there are many sites like Interviewbuddy where … Read more

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Job interviews are the most important part of anybody’s career who has chosen to explore working for an organization. Attending an interview is always nerve cracking for an applicant.  There are many types of interviews conducted all over the world.

An unstructured interview can be defined as an interview which does not follow any particular … Read more

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You must be able to discuss what excites you about the work. After all, every manager wants to hire someone who will love the work required and be committed to doing a great job.

A great answer will also allow you to sneak in information about how good you are at the work required (after all,Read more

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The interview questions are based on your subject skills. The interviewer will check your technical skills and communication skills, moreover confidence levels. Before attending the interview you can practice interview questions through some career guidance websites or practice mock interview in real-time. But, I prefer online mock interviews because practical knowledge is better than theoretical … Read more

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I would like to suggest

InterviewBuddy- (Online mock interviews with experts). It’s the best website to practice the interviews.

They will conduct the mock interviews on any domain with industry experts and provide detailed scorecard with performance-based metrics comprehensive feedback on your strengths &weaknesses.

By attending the mock interview in InterviewBuddy, You’ll … Read more

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Men’s Interview Attire:


  • Light Colored Jacket and Pants
  • Wear a simple shirt collar, such as a traditional straight point or a slightly less dressy button-down, avoiding tab collars, pins or wide English spreads. Also avoid monograms or jaunty contrasting white-collar-and-cuffs. And no French cuffs, which will help you avoid any cuff link mistakes.


  • The tie is extremely important, … Read more
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There are a lot of job searching websites app which provides notifications for the latest public or private sector jobs namely free Monster India, Naukri, Shine, Indeed etc.

And I can suggest a few with which I felt comfortable;

Monster India - This is a good app from this we can … Read more

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There are a number of online sites available where you can easily apply for a job.

Some of the best sites which are owned by big media corporations like Times, Hindustan Times, Monster etc. And have been around for 5+ years. They have done a great job of putting the newspaper … Read more

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One of the best job search sites is Monster India.

It’s a very large and reputed job searching firm in India where you can easily find lots of latest and available jobs opportunities.

Everyday many new vacancies posted by different recruiters on this site. You can check for both Private sector and … Read more

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For searching the best jobs and applying for the same requires job portal which can assist you in an easy way and thus bring about a great change in cracking those is a great need. Candidates who want to search government jobs can simply visit Monster India job portal and find some … Read more

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The best way to find a job is to start applying through an online job portal. If you are a fresher then, I suggest you create your profile on every job portal, update your resume. Search for the job profile in which you are interested. 

Through these portals, you can easily find … Read more

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It’s great if you have completed your studies and searching for a job. There are a number of online portals available which offer the vacancies every day to fresher candidates for the different post. I suggest you to make your profile on every single job site and then search for the profile according toRead more