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1. I m not CRYING anything 2. Read your Bible. Christians are not supposed to argue over the Bible 3. I m not calling for destruction of anything-except cockroaches 4. I explained the verses that make some ppl like u think the Bible isn't true. So I just didn't stop bcuz someone 'challenged' my beliefs … Read more
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Joyce Hall commented Ok. U r taking the Bible out of context. God can do anything He wants. When God separated the light and day, that 'light' does not have to be sun. Don't even suggest that God couldn't have created another light. Next, this in and of itself, should b enuf to convince u that Gods … Read more
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What happened is she met this new bff and together they r being bullies by excluding u. They have a bond and formed their own little click. Its like their 'club' and u aren't invited it.

Dump them and find someone who honestly and truly likes u.

And yes, what little friendship the of u had is … Read more