Walt O'Reagun
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It's difficult to be both a drummer AND singer in any genre.  Why?  Because the drummer's main job is to keep the beat ... While the song lyrics (singer) don't have to follow it.  So your brain would be trying to multitask - and the human brain is not designed for real multitasking.

Nathan Lane
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I used to absolutely rule at candy crush back in the day! If you're talking about any smartphone game, I took a fake $30,000 from PlayOJO on free play on slots. I should have been playing for real!!

Used to play a tower game, can't remember the name of it now but that was awesome. … Read more

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You could print out lyrics on a paper and tape it to the outside of a the shower if you have see through walls or doors. If they’re not see through or if the glass dogs up to much you could tape the lyrics on the wall higher than where the shower water sprays. A … Read more

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There are two types of offers available, deals and coupons. When you are coupons just check the best coupon available in sites. Apply that offer coupon in cart vale where you will see "Apply coupons". You will see the discount on the cart value. If you are checking the deal then it will be an … Read more

Firstname Refreshme lastname
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I remember seeing that one. Hilarious ; - )

Off hand I don't remember the episode's name. There's quite a few episodes listed on Youtube...take a look there.

Good luck.