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I'll pass on the plumber hug but I'm in for the rest.

I've taken the boys to work with me years ago. They were always a big help. I've even taken my nephews. My daughter has gone to work with my wife before.

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My wife brines the turkeys at the holidays; my mother used to wash chickens and so did I, but I haven't home cooked a chicken in so long I am not sure I would remember that I used to wash it.

Beef---no.  I sometimes scrape the surface with a knife to remove any bone … Read more

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Yes, I always rinse my meat off before cooking it. If I have to cut it into small pieces, I wash it before doing so. I learnt this from my mum and I have been following this technique ever since. However, I make sure that I clean my sink properly afterwards.

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Yes, and I do so with care. There was a study that came out few years ago about bacteria being spread by the water splashing around the sink and then it not being properly cleaned up. I keep Clorox pop-ups on the counter and wipe the area around as well as inside the sink.