Darik Majoren
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Happiness and being Content come from living one's life.

You find events, people, and objects that bring you these "States of Being" in your life. Whether it be singing in the church choir, or fishing in an open stream . . . Going for an ice cream cone with your significant other to playing backgammon … Read more

Arthur Wright
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Hate to tell you this but traces of any meds we put into our body can show up in a drug test months later but tests cant seperate one med from another so the Oxy will over take the other but if asked , tell the truth

PJ Stein
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No, the opposite happens. Then tend to have a higher rate of allergies. Here is a link that helps explain it.


Tom  Jackson
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This question is 3 years old.  Since he had a one month deadline to accomplish what he wanted, I would suggest that no advice would be helpful at this point.

Cheese And Crackers
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Look dude, I'm 13 I weigh 120 something. It's mostly because of the large muscle mass in my legs. That 20 pounds is all muscle, so without the muscle, I'm 100. That's a healthy weight for me. Since your older, a healthy weight for you would be your current weight (especially if your packing on … Read more