Passage One
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Is it abnormal? Possibly. Most guys our age (I'm almost 24) are trying to find a good paying job so we can get a house and a car. However, there's nothing wrong with playing with them here and there. Some people are children at heart and want to make their own adventures with their favorite … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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Probably---unless you had a raw steak tied to your leg.  In which case, the jury would probably rule that you had knowingly assumed the risk of being attacked.

Perry Nuttal
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I always imagine them to have more gas. I respect the fact that many have become vegan due to the animal cruelty in factory farming etc, which many people would not watch and so stay in the comfort of denial, I'm one. That said it does enter my thoughts now and again and I find … Read more

star gazing
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I agree with their views.  Once i get a job and move away from my parents, I might switch to being vegan as well! Right now , we can't afford the extras (protein powder, variety of food) to maintain my athletics though. I heard that living as a normal person, it would be easier on … Read more

Don Barzini
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To burn fat, it is necessary to get your heart-rate up for a sustained period while consuming fewer calories than you burn. A program of healthy diet and exercise is the typical plan of action.

While we can’t determine what is “too hard”, a physician can help you determine what would be an effective course … Read more