Bhawna Tripathi
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The best way to find a job is to start applying through an online job portal. If you are a fresher then, I suggest you create your profile on every job portal, update your resume. Search for the job profile in which you are interested. 

Through these portals, you can easily find … Read more

Bhawna Tripathi
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It is good that you have completed your graduation. This is the Turning point of your life where you need to search for the best job for your future. The best and quickest way to find a job is to get a referral via online job portals. Start to upload your resume … Read more

Bhawna Tripathi
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These days there are a number of online portals available which provide the best job vacancies to candidates. The best way to find a job is to create your profile on every portal such as Naukri, shine, Indeed, Monster India etc. And upload your resume there. Search for the job vacancy in … Read more

Bhawna Tripathi
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Hospitality sector is one of the most trending sectors where job seekers whether experienced/fresher are enthusiastic to get employed in this profile. There are many of the opportunities where candidates can easily make a great deal in making dream jobs into reality. As in this form there are various scope and bright future ahead to … Read more

Nealious James
Nealious James answered

Hi there! Natural flowers are definitely better looking as their fake counterparts. Also note that many of them smell amazingly nice and when displayed as a bouquet, they will give a pleasant scent to the room. Fresh flowers can also last long enough if they are properly cared for. I personally have no plastic decorations … Read more

Darik Majoren
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My very first job was as a "Painter" working with my best friend in his family's business . . . That didn't last too long though.

I was then a Dishwasher/Busboy for a few years. I absolutely LOVED it . . . There is nothing like your first real independent thing where you earn your own … Read more

YoWanna  Cook
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My first job was in a medical office. I loved the back office work. I loved my patients. But the doctor and other co workers were horrible. Very abusive. I should have sued them but instead I cowered in a fetal position and quit. I never went back to that line of work.

Janis Haskell
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Aside from babysitting, my first job was as a bank secretary at the age of 17 .... Started two weeks after high school graduation in 1965.  I felt good about it, even taking the bus downtown every morning.  I could finally contribute to the expenses at home and buy my mom a few nice things … Read more

Skip  Gentry
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I think you should get a job as a cook! Nobody would probably notice if you wore one heel and one black tennis shoe!

Ancient One
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I would say it all depends on the job you are interviewing for. If it is an office type / administrative position you might want to try and borrow an out fit from a friend or relative. Don't buy work clothes till you have the pposition and only buy a few sets till your second … Read more