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Don't worry, I had a boyfriend who broke up with me. I loved him so much then he found a girlfriend who was a new girl I GOT SO MAD and I just thought that means I'm too good for him I don't need him. God made it so that I should find the guy … Read more
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I use L'Oreal and I like to mix it up sometimes and use Aussie. Those both protect your hair from the sun and get rid of damaged hair.
OR You can make a homemade mask for hair growth. INGREDIENTS: Honey, lemon, mayonnaise,1 mushed up banana,1 strawberry Mix it all up and get a … Read more
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Play spin the bottle Dance party Strobe lights Try to find each other in the dark Prank someone Watch a movie Sing along to your favorite song Make a music video Make YouTube videos Text your crush Go to the mall Make a car wash Lemonade stand door to door Prank call Get dressed up … Read more