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This is very difficult to achieve after such a difficult time. When somebody is unfaithful your world can fall apart and your emotions are all over the place. Some people never really find peace of mind after something like this but you can find peace of mind.
If you dwell on what's happened the feelings … Read more
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I know what your going through and it does hurt like hell. Especially if you try and get over it but more things keeps happening to you. I mean I stayed with the man that cheated on me and I'm still hurting by this every day. I wish it didn't have to happen this way. … Read more
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When you dream that a boyfriend or spouse has cheated on you, it typically means that you have fears of abandonment. These feelings can arise if your boyfriend has been paying you less attention than usual. An alternative interpretation is that you're feeling vulnerable and your self-esteem is low: Perhaps you're worried that you don't … Read more