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Is there life on other planets? Well, the short answer is: "Yes. Probably". There are a few things we need to consider when considering this question, though:
  • The number of other space systems in the universe
  • The ‘Goldilocks’ Zone
  • The Drake Equation
  • Current evidence
  • The length of time needed for intelligent evolution
  • Will contact with aliens be friendly?
Indeed, we … Read more
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I do believe there is life beyond earth, to me it's kind of "common sense" if you think about it. A vast amount of space with billions of planets within it, and there's no habitable life beyond our species? Who's to say "God" didn't have plans elsewhere other then here? If you want to throw … Read more
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There has to be, because if life on one planet is possible, then it has to be possible on another planet in our vast never-ending universe. But I doubt it in our galaxy/solar system, as we have the best possible place for life to exist in this galaxy, not too far away and not too … Read more