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Self-hosting is pretty straightforward and the WordPress install really does take only 5 minutes. One thing I would recommend is to remove any plugins that you don't use and only keep those that you do. You can do that through the WordPress admin interface. Also keep on top of any security updates WordPress release. When … Read more
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I wrote the software for the 24 Beers blog.

When starting a blog you need to think about what you intend to use your blog for.  Things to consider are how much functionality you need, security, whether you want to use the blog to push traffic to another web site, how much control … Read more

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The best thing I can suggest is to make some solid connections.  Build up a list of people you can collaborate with on both the supply and demand sides of your business.

Find a business mentor who has experience in the field you're entering and who you feel comfortable with.  Let them guide you.

Work … Read more

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I've recently given up a safe but ultimately unrewarding job to go and do what I want to do.

Once I had that idea, and I knew it's a great idea, it consumed me and it's all I could think about.  When the times came to hand in my notice I felt excitement, but I kept … Read more