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The iPod nanos which have the watch bands are actually quite appealing as they're a watch, but you can also plug in headphones and listen to music.. Especially great for working out, and when you're running around.

This technology can, and could be very convenient for a select group of people, plus all the hipsters … Read more

Ziyad Nazem
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Minimizing the time between onset of a stroke and the start of stroke treatment is critical for surviving the brain attack and minimizing the resulting brain injury. The key is to immediately get to the emergency room!

If it's ischemic—caused by a blood clot—the best treatment is a clot-dissolving drug called tissue plasminogen activator, or … Read more

Ziyad Nazem
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As someone who works in the Emergency Department, I can say without a doubt that TV/Movies always try to sensationalize our jobs, but fail to show how stressful our jobs really are, or how much responsibility we have.

In a nutshell, becoming a doctor is grueling, and being a doctor (especially an ER doctor) isn't the … Read more