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E-commerce allows trade and business to operate through the Internet. It's web based business or a brick and mortar business with an extension over the web. Buyers can search for products or services and purchase them over the web.

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Personal Assistant Tasks

  • Manage correspondence and screen visitors and calls, prevent interruptions, and resolve issues.
  • Run business or personal errands and perform general administrative or housekeeping tasks.
  • Organize calendar and appointments, checking with other parties to ensure availability.
  • Draft correspondence, arrange travel, and provide estimates for activities and events.
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Receptionist Tasks

  • Perform administrative support tasks; proofreading, typing, operating calculators, facsimile machine and computers.
  • Operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen, route calls and relays messages.
  • Greet and answer inquiries for general public, customers and visitors; announce and log visitors.
  • Process outgoing mail and receive deliveries.
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Occupations I can think of: Make-up Artist, Cosmetic Sales, Hair Stylist, Massage Therapist (Spa / Cruise Ship), Manicurist (Nail and Foot Salon / Spa), Dentist, Dermatologist, Fashion Designer, Modeling, Having home business making homemade skin care products:  Soaps. Lotions, creams, etc... I'm sure there are many more occupations, but these came to mind, first.