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One thing I think the whole tragedy has highlighted is that the word "terrorism" has really cemented itself in our society and political consciousness.

What I find interesting is how quickly the media jumped to use the word "terrorism".

Yes, the crime was committed for religious or political purposes, and was … Read more

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Sushi. I love sushi. It's fresh, healthy, and tasty. I understand that not everyone can get over the raw fish, but it's worth trying if you can. Every time I eat sushi I walk away feeling energetic and satisfied. I really prefer take out for most food, though. There's nothing like eating dinner in a … Read more

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I would love the ability to learn languages quickly. I envy the people that can. Communication skills are extremely empowering. The more languages you learn, the more you can communicate. It's really a very simple idea on the surface, but I think about it a lot.

You see, we live in a world more connected than … Read more

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Whether or not an individual requires solitude depends entirely on the person. Some people feel their flow is interrupted in the presence of others while some are invigorated by working with others. Though the creative process varies from person to person, I often look to William Wordsworth when considering creativity.

Wordsworth was one of the … Read more