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Apparently he's a Donkey Kong master!

Eminem is reportedly a lover of vintage games, and he owns several arcade game machines.

However Donkey Kong is rumoured to be his game of choice:

In a series of Tweets, Marshall Mathers shared his passion for the Nintendo monkey platform game by tweeting:

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For a bear, there are alot of meanings depending on what bear it is.

IF the bear was friendly it means support and consoling. Bear is a symbol of overly protection, spiritual power and strength.

IF it was unfriendly you could be threatened from powerful sources.

Dreams cannot be interpretated easily with so few information, please give us … Read more

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If it occures from time to time then this is exaclty what it means. He is trying to get in touch with you, just follow the directions and go with it. It is probable that he even is in your dreams, visiting you and he is as confused as you are.

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I know personally a person who sees future in hes dreams. Hes subconciousness always analyzes his life and gives suggestion on events going to be. This doesn't mean he sees the future, but sees events most likely to happen.

Strangers in your dream represent hidden/surpressed aspects of yourself. According to dream experts, every face you … Read more

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Dropping a baby that isn't yours is a common fear among men, no worries. But if you are interested in interpretating your dream then it could suggest that you are relieving yourself of some job, companionship, individual, or notion. Also it could indicate that you are letting go some project, relationship, person,Read more