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I do think that you're looking into the 333 thing a little too much, but that doesn't mean you might not be more sensitive to "other worldly" things when pregnant.

I'm a firm believer that there are forces and entire worlds out there that we don't (or may never) understand.

Take for example how cats and dogs … Read more

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actually no, no horror movies, ive never felt this way even being pregnant with my first. Um i actually wish it was because of horror movies because than i might have a resonable explanation as to why i am waking up drenched in sweat terrified at 3am every morning sounds voices call me crazy because … Read more

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I Am currently 3 months pregnant and every morning i wake up at 3 am at the latest 315 am and i wake up scared and feel watched sometimes when i brush it off with hearing noises i start feeling something touch my foot like example last night i woke up at 315 am scared … Read more