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Stay with her it shouldn't bother you the likelihood of her cheating was the same as if she wasn't. There should be no problem with it. It's her life to do with it as she pleases. If she is bi then fine so be it.

Hope I helped. Xx

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First girl.
Most important girl therefore.
Everything a girl is suppose to be.
You cant call Eve 'fit' or 'hot'
Eve is so much more.
Eve is beautiful.
I dated an Eve. Woah.
Eves are amazing. Looking for another .
If you know or have an Eve , you are one lucky man.

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I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but I really love the book Vernon God Little by D.B.C Pierre.

It was published in 2003, and opens with a guy called Jesus Navarro who shoots 16 of his classmates and then himself in a small-town high school in Texas.

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Well for me I just click on topics and just scroll through recent ones. But if you are wanting to answer a question on a specific topic then chose your topics to answer.

I don't think that really made much sense sorry xx

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Sorry don't know about costs but there are some obvious options.

These include adoption and sperm donor.

First of all and I guess you probably have done this but seriously think through whether you want a baby and then if you have after a long time decided yes we want a baby then you are going … Read more