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No it isn't too young. If you guys do kiss, I don't recommend you do to much if that in school if teachers could see because they don't like it. Be careful though. I have one teacher who saw me hugging and holding hands with my girlfriend and it is really weird because he doesn't … Read more

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Ok I am in 8th grade and a boy and this guy most likely likes you. If he doesn't it is just cause he is a flirt. But this is how most guys act when they like someone. If he talks to you a lot outside of school, tries to talk to you the school … Read more

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I'm 13 too but a guy. These are in no particular order, they are all important. I just assumed that you were wondering relationship wise.

  1. Humor- it is really attractive when a girl laughs and smiles a lot. It make want to be with her and be around her.
  2. Confidence- it is really important to … Read more
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Start to flirt with her a lot. Show to her that you care about her and that you want to be her. This should be subtle but obvious enough that she would know. I can't exactly tell you how to do this because it is an art that you'll have to learn to master on … Read more