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I'm in 6th grade. I add my crushes and talk to them I don't see the big deal. We'll anyway it matters If he is constantly bugging you or looking at you, if you do talk look at his eyes and see if his puples get bigger. ~Hope this helps.

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I have major depression with no medical disease. I am suicidal and I cut myself and threaten to kill my brother, mom, ect. I told my mother when I was in the hardest time of my life... 

My dad missed my birthday for work, my moms an alcoholic and she has a dead-beat boyfriend. I am … Read more

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For 11 year olds to make fast money, they must get a job that takes on employees not yet old enough to obtain proper employment. There are a number of such jobs, and many of them offer opportunities for quick cash.

If the 11 year old doesn’t mind getting up early, a paper route is a … Read more

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You can 1.try to make things like arts and crafts and sell them (tried it works) 2.sell candy like chocalate bars for 1$ walk for 5$ (every hour) 4.recycle  cans and plastic bottles 5.have a yard sale 6.give out flyers saying you would mow lawns etc.( 10$) 7.tutor for 5$ every hour 8.BE CREATIVE … Read more