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Public finance studies the income-getting and income-spending activities of the public bodies or the state. Private finance deals with the way a private person gets and spends his income. There are certain differences between the principles underlying public finances and those of private finances. These are explained below.

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Credit Creation is Most Important Function of Commercial Bank, Like Other Financial Institute Bank aim to Earn Profit by Make Advance to Other. Therefore, Some Time Bank Is Called a Factory of Credit Creation. Everyone Know that People Cannot Withdrawal Money in simultaneous, Some With drawl While Other deposit at Same Time. So Bank Encourage … Read more
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The banks whose operations mainly influence the money supply are called commercial bunks, because in the early days, most bank borrowers were engaged in commerce rather than manufacturing. These banks perform a variety of service functions. My bank receives my paycheck every month, allows me to draw checks on the account, and sends me a … Read more