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Write what you enjoy, that will always come across to the reader.

Also I suggest structure. Break the story down into chapters or whatever, and then make sure you have a point of interest or curiosity for each one that will make the reader want to know what's going to happen in the next part. That's … Read more

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There's a Meg Cabot triology about full-body transplants called 'Airhead'.  I actually just finished reading it yesterday, which is why this question appealed to me.

Anyway, unfortunately (or is it fortunately because of the morality of putting one person's mind into a complete stranger) in real live, it's not currently possible.

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Most sites state specifically who owns content, who is responsible for repercussions of that content, and what happens if that content is used without permission. Almost all content on the web is technically owned by someone, and using it without their permission can result in a law suit. For example, someone once sued Conan O'Brien … Read more