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If someone sends me a text message it is either because it's useful or convenient to them (I grant it might be useful to me too, but I have no way of knowing that.)

If they really want to talk to me and get a response, they could call. I always respond to a 'phone call.

It … Read more

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I flew out to California near Christmas and met Rooster. We had a great time and he showed me a lot of sites near where he lives. I finally got to meet him and we had a great time. Really nice man in person. I'm proud of myself for going and meeting him and seeing … Read more

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Sounds like another great day!  Love my coffee and the VFW, and what's not to love about good health? 

And what the heck ..... I ain't afraid of no ghost!  LOL  :)

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Coffee is my vice. Love Coffee.

For those who are not familiar with American acronyms "V F W" stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

Everyone, please have a safe and happy weekend!