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You can't really judge which one. It's a matter of time. If shes a good friend and you're around her often, maybe you could try to hint her more about it or try to recognize her body language and facial expressions and recognize what she wants. But of course, you could just have a face … Read more

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I don't blame you after all it WAS your BIRTHDAY 1 day of the year I would definitely come even if I couldn't ask my parents to drive I'd take my bike I'd go the extra mile
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Here's the perfect answer for you:

Selfie Cam takes the idea of the basic selfie and gives it a twist by giving you the option to add amusing overlays and captions. Want to pop a moustache on your mush? Bingo.

It also features face detection technology so can be set to take a picture when you smile … Read more

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from what i have just this minute finished reading they are judging you believe it or not i had been moved from 3 primary schools because of this and am being thought about moving to a different secondary school because of 1 person who was in 1 of the primary schools i was moved out … Read more
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According to a video I watched earlier you are ( no offence sorry if this really annoys you I don't mean to hurt your feelings)being possessive over your boyfriend and are worried about thinking that he might fall for your friends just tell your friends to tell him your feelings on this here's the link … Read more